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Switch Gear Division

It is hard to overlook the importance of electricity in the world around us, but having electricity is just part of it. Once you have electricity coming into your building having an electrical distribution system in place is essential for not only safety and protection of electrical equipment, but also for reliable electrical power. This is why Active Electrical Supply has a separate division for switchgear projects to help our customers tackle these electrical distribution projects large or small.

At Active Electrical Supply we offer experienced team members dedicated to switchgear. So whether you are a small shopping center to a large manufacturing facility our experts have the ability to estimate, design, and manage switchgear orders. We work directly with some of the largest manufacturers in the industry including Siemens and Eaton, so our customers know that they will not only get the re-assurance that their project will be done correctly, but also within the project budget and system requirements.

As a leading distributor for electrical and lighting materials in the Chicago area, we supply the latest in low voltage distribution equipment (switchgear), motor controls, panelboards, switchboards, transformers, busway, lighting and load controls, and numerous other electrical supplies to keep your home and business running.

If you have a switchgear project for:
  • New Construction
  • Remodel
  • Energy Savings & Retrofits
  • Maintenance
let our switchgear experts help you with all your switchgear and electrical distribution material needs to help keep your facility running, and your project on budget and on time!
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